Blocked Drains

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Blocked drains are our speciality at Navigate Plumbing

Blockages can be caused for a variety of reasons, one thing is for certain, ignoring them won’t make them go away! If your drains or pipes are blocked give us a call now, to avoid any further damage.

We carry the latest equipment for blocked drains, our high-pressure water jetters can exceed over 4,200 psi of generated water to assist in unblocking blockages – from a blocked kitchen sink, toilet or mains sewer, we’ll clear it without a worry.

Navigate plumbing has an advanced service which involves using CCTV to view real-time the
footage of the blockage, and locating services for any rectification work required.

Sewer blockages

Root infestation is a common sight within sewers and stormwater pipes, caused by tree roots crushing or breaking the pipes, this problem can spread rapidly if not rectified in a timely manner.
We use specialised cutting nozzles, designed specifically for root infestations to cut through and clear the blockage.

Stormwater blockages

Stormwater blockages are due to a build up of dirt, silt and garden waste. These accumulated substances can build up inside a pipe to form a blockage, this will then stop the free flow of water through the pipes and result in a large amount of surface water, if this was to occur, Navigate plumbing can be onsite clearing the blockage no matter the day or time.

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