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Early leak detection can save you from costly property damage, high utility bills, and the health risks posed by mould and mildew growth. Addressing leaks promptly also contributes to environmental conservation by conserving water usage. Common Signs of Leaks

Common Signs of leak

Recognising early warning signs of leaks can help you take immediate action to address them. Keep an eye out for water spots and stains, unexplained bill increases, mould growth, musty odors or decrease in pressure as indicators that you need to take immediate steps against leaks.

Early leak detection offers many advantages over its alternatives.

Early leak detection offers numerous advantages for both homeowners and property managers:


Preventing Water Damage: Early detection helps prevent water seepage into walls, ceilings and floors to help avoid costly structural damages that would otherwise incur.


Reducing Water Bills: Promptly addressing leaks can result in considerable savings on water bills by eliminating wastage and wastage.


Prevent Mould and Mildew: By fixing leaks quickly, moisture that fosters mould growth can be eliminated to promote a healthier living environment and improve air quality.


Upholding Water Pressure: Timely repairs help maintain consistent water pressure for smooth functioning of plumbing fixtures.


Preserving the Environment: Conserving water through leak detection and repair contributes to environmental sustainability and has a direct positive effect.

We can find a leak no matter where it is on your property!

Navigate plumbing offers a leak detection service, we guarantee to find the source of the leak, above or below ground.

Once the leak is located, the experienced plumbers can advise the best way to rectify the leak and any make good (painting, plastering) that needs to be done.

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